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January 9, 2006
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Ironic Innocence by Zito-is-Neato Ironic Innocence by Zito-is-Neato
~True Story~

While on my way from school I took a sceneic route to my bus stop, as I entered the allyway I saw millions apon millions of horrible drawings all over the walls, some racsist, some bashing certain people, others just plain rash and retarted about how someone had sex, not to mention the sections deicated to making fun of 9/11 and I mean like "Heartless mother fucker" making fun of 9/11. I felt sick walking through there but as I go to turn around I look by some trash and I saw a puppy and kitten playing together. My hatred for the area changed with happiness after watching this for awhile...and I went through with a uplifted spirit.

Its amazing how some things like innocence can change your views on a terrible situation.

Oh and the quote in the preview, isn't a joke, its a actually qoute. But unless your the kind of pompus dillweed who laughs at something like that and doesn't take time to think of the meaning, grow up and take a baseball bat to the groin.
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playdoll27 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2006
kk that rocks! this is pretty kool...reminds me a lot of my crap ass skool :D
MarzipanHomestar Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2006
Wow, this is just, wow. Yes it's true. When the world seems that it can't get filled with any more hatred, there's still some good in the world. The little doggy and kitty are adorable. I especially love it how they have little balloons over their heads with a bone and fish. Oh, and you're pretty cute in the picture too. X3 And good job on making the background alley-like. Instant fave now.
Kung-fu-girl90 Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
its sad when you look at what the world has become but i guess there is still some hope out there
solalwaysPWNDS Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2006
Geez. It's good to know that there are things still left on this planet that still hold innocence. It's sad, but animals maybe the last thing untouched by what the world has become.
ShadowFoxxx Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2006  Hobbyist Writer
Very nice, love the story. We all, at one point, have innocence. Thats why childeren are (I consider anyway) "smarter" in their own way. <3 The Toothfairy... Santa Clause..... teh Easter Bunneh.... Gooood times. =3
emm721 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2006
thats a HUGE bag, other than that its cool. whats the word... emotive? no, lets just go with emotional.
Vampie-Queen Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006
Wow, this is heartfelt. I know exactly what you mean. And seeing this pic just brightened up my day, so thanks for posting it, honestly.

I went to New York a few times and I think I passed by the same area you were in. Made me sick lookin at it too. And as for any assholes who heartlessly make fun of what happened on 9/11, they can suck a cock for all I care. I could have lost my sister that day (who was living in New York at the time), and well you were there when it happened, so obviously that day meant something to both of us. I feel terrible for what happened that day to those poor people and am praying for thier families. Hopefully, no day like that ever happens again.

God, you've improved. This is well done. Instant :+fav:

*Also is a fan of Shakespere* ^.^
kirbyalex2002 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006
You should take pictured of that place.
Shadowulf026 Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006
Wow; that was pretty profound, and made me look at things differently! Which is a great feeling!
WolfHowlofDeath Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2006

I can't exactly explain how I feel about your drawing and story. I'm at a terrible loss for words x_x;..
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